Create, Design, & Launch a Premium Program So Dog Gone Good Brene Brown Begs to Sign-up!

July 2023 - Live Training Focus on Premium Program Pricing, Positioning, and Delivery Schedule

August 2023 - Planning, Promoting Your Red Carpet Event to Add 100-200 new eyeballs to your biz 

September 2023  - Growing your Program With a Red Carpet Virtual Event with Affiliates 

October 2023 - From Hooks to Headlines and Beyond -> Crafting Facebook Video Ads that Grow Your Red Carpet Event List of Leads & Examples

November 2023 -  Delivering your Red Carpet Program to your premium Program 

December 2023 Free Publicity; How to Land 2-10 Podcasts per month with your signature talk & explode your email list with new prospects

60 Minute Strategy Call

Monthly - Ask a Copywriter Feedback Loop Sesh

Monthly - Guest Body Movement Virtual Classes

Monthly - Tapping Session 

Options for Premium Program VIP Support

When you join in the Premium Program, you'll have the option to upgrade to get 1:1 support. Slots are limited to a first come, first serve basis - but past clients are given priority. Choose up to three projects for our time together so you can make the most use out of our time.

Project 1

  • A ready to go challenge slide deck created and customized to your brand ready to promote and sell your Premium Program

Project 2

  • A customized webinar slide deck for your launch customized to your brand and business. 

Project 3

  • Customized affiliate emails and social media swipe files ready to help your clients promote them!

Project 4

  • A complete done for you email launch copy for your premium program launch including 5-7 emails

Project 5

  • Social Media Graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin perfect for showcasing your premium program center stage!

Project 6

  • 6-10 page custom tailored workbook designed in Canva based on your group program customized to your business brand. 

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Before working with Melody, I was overwhelmed at the idea of creating a course. She was empathetic, creative, and thorough in helping transform my vision into a real live online program! Now, I'm helping other financial coaches be more effective with their clients, and Melody played a huge role in that!

Adam Kol
Financial Couple's Coach

Melody has been so amazing to work with! She has so much valuable knowledge to share. I've worked closely with her on launching and marketing my course and she has been an absolute dream to work with! Definitely recommend Melody to anyone who is looking to create and launch a digital course.

Founder AM Creative (Agency Owner)

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